Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Fun with Taiwanese Friends

Since meeting up with local Taiwanese adoptive families this past January, we have been making plans to do it again this Summer. We got to do so Saturday. We drove a little over an hour and were hosted by the gracious Hobbs family. We cooked out, swam, and then went indoors when the weather got rough! It is so fun to see these babies growing with their precious families! There was so much love represented there!

We were able to reconnect with sweet Tonya and her two girls. Her oldest, Janie, was in the baby home in Taitung with Harrison. Our goal is to keep them connected over the years! Two years down Smile

fathersdayweekend 067

Sweet Morgan is full of zest for life! It’s just all over him! He was so fun to watch and play with!

fathersdayweekend 068

We sat with the Stowell family at lunch! They are a great family and are waiting to bring home their 4th child from China!

fathersdayweekend 069

Harrison did not fall asleep on the way as we had hoped he would. He did not get a nap until after we left at 4pm. We had a rocky start upon arrival, but after a few cool down minutes in the car and some warming up to things, he was his normal happy self! Thank goodness!

fathersdayweekend 070fathersdayweekend 077  fathersdayweekend 084

He enjoyed a pretty special Sprite treat! Janie went for it while Harrison and her little sis Lexie played in the sand!

fathersdayweekend 080

fathersdayweekend 085

Miss B arrived and my little Fabio showed her the play set ropes and was such the little gentleman!

fathersdayweekend 088

Then, Brandon and Harrison went for swim until they spotted some lightening not too far away!

fathersdayweekend 091 fathersdayweekend 092

Once the weather moved in, we took the party inside! Morgan did not miss a beat!

fathersdayweekend 095

Things picked up right where they left off! Our kids pretty  much formed a little band Smile

fathersdayweekend 096

We tried to get a 2011 shot of Janie and Harrison! This

fathersdayweekend 097

wasn’t as good as last year, (ummmm, what happened to my BABY?...look at those sweet baby cheeks!)

but it will do! They were tuckered out at this point! Sweet sweet Taiwanese treasures right here people!


Dianne said...

We had a wonderful time and were so happy that you were able to join us! We feel so blessed to be able to share in the lives of all these little Taiwanese treasures that live close! Thanks for coming!

Tonya said...

What great pics! So glad we got to see you again (and meet some new friends). I can't believe the pics showing the difference in Janie/Harrison from last summer to this summer. They are growing up so fast (too fast)!!