Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So close to the $500 Grant-Free Ugandan Bead necklace for first 20 purchases at OH!

Ok, everybody! We got notification that we are in the TOP 5 for sales in the Ordinary Hero grant contest! We need your help to pull through this last day! Just please be sure to choose April Smith in the affiliate spot during check out so the sales will qualify under us! The contest ends at 11:59pm tonight and I am pretty sure the top 5 are all so close!!

We just discovered yesterday that you have another option for purchases if you aren't into anymore t-shirts or things for yourself!! Ordinary Hero now has a product donation tab in their store. You can purchase a raincoat, pair of shoes, sheep, 1/2 sheep, blanket or backpack to donate to children in Africa


and GET THIS!!....that donation will count towards our sale! They even have a $55 combo that covers this, “Your donation of $55 will ensure that a child receives a warm fleece blanket, two raincoats, and a pair of aqua shoes, during the cold raining season of the year. Ordinary Hero will be taking two teams to Ethiopia in July 2011.” They have items offered individually too if that is more within  your budget!

:) AWESOME! Your $$ could be multiplied X3. Here’s the equation:

We get 40% of the item sale+children in Africa have needs met+we win $500 GRANT(possibly)=you being a part of helping us put a big chunk of our adoption fees behind us!!!

We have decided to do the following to encourage more sales! We just have a few excess necklaces around and have sold as many as we can sell with the help of lots of people…soooo…..

We still have at least 20 Ugandan bead necklaces left.

nanawedding 112

Our goal is to have AT LEAST 20 more sales today. If you make a purchase or have made a purchase, please forward me your confirmation email and your address and I will send a necklace to you as a thank you!!! :) So, the first 20 emails I get will get a necklace!

email your confirmation to smithfamilyadoption (at) gmail (dot) com

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