Friday, June 3, 2011



It has been a crazy week with Harrison recovering from surgery. He has been UP and DOWN and back again! We hope he feels much better very soon.

The day after surgery was my busy day at work. Brandon stayed home with Harrison and Harrison had a good day. I prepped for my kiddos and our new Summer series, Survivor.

june 006

Thursday night, we had the boys over for a few hours!

june 013

I stayed up until 12:30a getting ready for our neighborhood yard sale and Harrison wouldn’t go to sleep until I did. So, he went to sleep around 1am. He ALSO woke up at 4:45a. Add that up…that’s less than  4 hours of sleep. Thankfully, that ended up being a benefit since he went down for a nap at 8am and slept until I wrapped up day1 of the yard sale at 12pm! My friend Hannah came to help out! It was great to have company.

june 030

Harrison was in more pain than he has been today so I did all that I could to keep him distracted and happy. That just happen to include Funfetti cupcakes! june 034

I enjoyed decorating these cupcakes more than I should have Smile

june 043

and Harrison enjoyed eating them that’s for sure! june 041

We will get up and take a go at the yardsale one more time tomorrow! For now, I’ve GOT to get some sleep. I can’t remember the last time I went to bed before 12am and it is really wearing on me!

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