Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Master…

I was so proud of Brandon as he walked across the stage today….


While he finished his last class a few months back, the ceremony was today.


I am so proud of my handsome and hard working man! He is now a Master of Business Administration! Harrison thinks he is pretty special too!



Brandon has some pretty proud parents too Smile 



Part of my job, requires me to be at the church Sundays. If kids are there, I am there. Brandon had to be in Nashville early. Harrison and I went for the first hour of church and then we hurried to Nashville. I tried really hard to avoid having an anxiety attack on the way. I don’t know what it is, I used to WORK in Nashville…for like a few YEARS. I know my way around, but any time I have to drive somewhere outside of our town, I get very nervous and my heart beats fast and I can’t think straight! I told Brandon today I think I have a true phobia! It’s the only thing that can explain the nervousness and tightening of my chest I have when it’s time to drive somewhere less routine. I’ll call Brandon and ask him to verify the way I am going even when I’ve been somewhere dozens of times…*sigh* I made it and parked in a parking garage and walked a few blocks in the blazing son with the babe and his bag! I was pretty nervous about how he’d do. While he’s my pride and joy, I am not too proud to admit that this is not our season to sit through things like a 2 hour graduation. For DADDY though…we wouldn’t miss it! Thankfully, he did this most of the time…


The celebration was short lived, because our Vacation Bible School started tonight! You know, my gig! So, we stopped for quick sub and then went right to the church and got to work!! I did have Brandon and our tech guy come up on the stage and I gave them each a giant cupcake. Half the crowd sang Happy Graduation to Brandon and the other half Happy Birthday to Wes.


A GREAT day and night was had by all! 3 more nights of VBS with the kiddos and then the finale next Sunday! BIG FULL FUN WEEK AHEAD! How about you?


JaM said...

Congratulations graduate!

Nicolle said...

-Just have to say that the twins could not be going to a better family...and I don't even know you!!! The minute I saw your photos - I was so excited for them and you!! I will be following closely your journey to them - thanks for sharing - and congrats to the graduate!

Alison said...

Congrats to Brandon!!! And I hope ya'll have a great VBS week! :)

Amy said...

Wonderful! What a noble calling!