Monday, June 27, 2011

Harrison Lately…

has been SO.MUCH.FUN. I didn’t want you all to miss out on his cuteness so I have a great big post to update you on what he has been up to lately!

Post-bath time jam session with Daddy’s phone and ear buds!

harrisonjune 090

Learning all about the letter B!

HarrisonJune 006

HarrisonJune 004

He seriously dotted every B without me touching his hand or re-directing him once! Each time he would dot one, we’d say “B- Buh” together!

HarrisonJune 005

He stuck those toothpicks in the B I made out of playdoh for no less than 30 minutes! awesome!

harrisonjune 073


HarrisonJune 009

LOVING his (at least) once daily “pock” (popsicle)

HarrisonJune 028

Chillaxin’ in our pool…you know you’re jealous!

HarrisonJune 021

Flying on Daddy’s airplane…

HarrisonJune 034

Devouring every bite of breakfast…

  harrisonjune 046     harrisonjune 048

  harrisonjune 051     harrisonjune 054

He says, “ummy.”

We spent a few hours blocked in the living room for a trial run of potty training and we played with blocks to pass the time!

harrisonjune 059

harrisonjune 056

harrisonjune 067

Visiting with Grammy…

harrisonjune 082

Having a few potty successes with HUGE celebrations!

harrisonjune 084

I know, I know…he will appreciate this one day…


Taking a trip to T@rget to get more supplies for our potty training repertoire.

harrisonjune 088

Chowing down on our T@rget trips obligatory “pa-corhn” on the way home Smile

harrisonjune 089

Singing a this adorable little tune over and over…excuse the slurping of his yogurt…lol..oh and don’t mind the closing conversation about Sophie and Greer…we try to talk about brother and sister as much as possible!!

I am taking potty training suggestions! We are going to give it a SOLID shot Friday-Monday! We are planning on staying home. I have an idea of how I am going to do it, but I can add or take away based on any suggestions you share that I think will work for our sweet boy!

We are not going to force it…if there is no progress by Monday afternoon….we’ll go back to diapers! What have we got to lose but to not try and miss out on a chance to only have to buy diapers for 2 at a time rather than 3 at time!? Wish me luck!


Mama Bear said...

We are in the midst(day 6) of our potty training boot camp with our youngest girl. I put her in underwear and set a timer to go off every 15-20 min., for us to take a 2 min. trip to the potty, and we had a lot of salty snacks, tea and juice. It took 2 days of accidents before it finally clicked,but now she really gets excited about putting a sticker on her chart and eating an m&m. Also, its good to ask every few minutes "are you wet or dry?" and celebrate all of those times they are dry. good luck!

Ashley said...

Good Luck! Hope it works out for Harry boy!!! :)

HatchersInChile said...

We went the no underwear route and it worked great! Once he figured out that it was OK to potty without anything on, he just took off - literally. His favorite thing? To go outside (in the backyard). He played outside without any underwear for about a week and now we are doing just great! (We did this in February which was summer here in the southern hemisphere! Now that it is winter here, he is back to wearing full clothes - ha!!)

mustard seed said...

he is so cute! I like all the pre-school activities you were doing with him!

Sarah said...

We had treats, prizes, a little potty, and a potty seat. Nothing really did it. What worked? Visiting a friend who's daughter was just a little bit older, and the girls both went to the potty at the same time. Hannah thought it was hilarious that they both peepeed on the potty, and she wanted to be like Allie. We also got hand-me-down panties from Allie, and I told Hannah that she wouldn't want to peepee on Allie's panties. I can count on one hand the number of peepee accidents that we've had on one hand in the last three months since she decided to wear Allie's panties and be like Allie. Go figure. Another three year old potty trained my daughter.