Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father’s Day!

When I was determining whether or not Brandon was husband material (it didn’t take long I assure you), it was very important that I was sure he would be a great dad.

newyears 031

My daddy sure set the bar high. Brandon and I served alongside one another in children’s ministry and we were the go-to couple sitter for many parents as we dated and were newly married. I was more than confident that he was a keeper in that arena.

fair 046

It is amazing to me how with each new stage of life that we enter together, my love, respect, and admiration grows for him. His role is father has certainly been no different.

laborday 046

He is a tender, hands-on, loving, hardworking dad. He is not afraid to take on any aspect of parenting…whether it be changing diapers, watching Harrison while I am gone, bath time, playtime, cuddle time, I love yous, bedtime, or discipline… he’s got it!

yardsale-fall 037  hospital 034

We are a parenting team. There truly is no one else I’d rather do this parenting gig with!

 harrisonandleighton 047

I have much advice for those considering a future husband and father! Harrison and I are so so blessed to have scored such an awesome husband AND father in Brandon!


E said...

I feel the same way about my husband. I am thankful for the heart change Jesus gave him so that he may love our family well.

Amy said...

That is so sweet! God bless your husband on Fathers Day!