Friday, June 24, 2011

A Few Happy’s

So, good news: we sold 633.50 in product and earned 253.40 (profit to be sent to our agency) through the Ordinary Hero contest!! Not so good news: We didn't win 1 of the 3 $500 grants! Evidently, some people sold some sheep! We are still so thankful! and some of you were VERY sneaky....never said a word but made a purchase! Just got the list!! Thank you everyone!!!!


We still have a ways to go with our adoption fees, but we have applied for several grants that we hope to hear back from soon, already gotten a few grants, and are doing a benefit celebration dinner in mid July to help with some of the cost! Had we continued on the path to Ethiopia, our fees would have been covered from our last year of fundraising and saving. Twins from South Korea are a different story Smile   I don’t think it’s in the cards for us to feel like we have anything “within our control.” If that was the case, the Lord’s hand in it all would be much less evident! We have taken care of a larger portion of our fees, but we still have some more to come up with. We are well on our way though! We have a peace about it all!! Ask us the same thing once we get our travel call Smile

Oh, and yesterday, we got Physical paperwork on both twins and along with them, PICTURES! They look so different from a few weeks ago! How can that be??


Our 1st glimpse of a Sophie Smile

FYI- her haircut is cracking me up!!! It’s adorable for sure, but is pretty close to a bowl cut!


Greer looks so big with his haircut!! Love his little smirk too!

Oh and tonight, we took a quick trip to use a gift card (got it from my VBS peeps..yay) at our favorite froyo place! We took it to a nearby park and ate it before we fed the ducks! So, I wanted to put up a few pics of our little trio having a little quality time together…

fun 005

We had some almost expired bread so we took it to the ducks that we know spend so much time there…Harrison LOVES them!

fun 028

They would get closer and closer!

fun 024

He did not even have a fit once the bread was gone! You just never know when you can anticipate rationality from a 30 month old! We gladly accept when it happens! Our happy boy!

fun 047

This area is covered in frogs/toads. Brandon did his fatherly duty of playing with the frog with Harrison.

fun 050

Although, I think I freaked Harrison out because every time they put the frog down it jumped towards me..and quickly….like it was on a mission. So, naturally I screamed and skipped away quickly about 3 times. After that he was a little more shy around it!

fun 054   fun 048

He just wouldn’t hold it! Harrison enjoys a good game of chase these days! He just giggles and runs faster than you might be able to imagine and in a very adorable way!

fun 055

Oh, and you better bet, we’re soaking up every moment with our only (at home) child while we can! He is fun-loving and easy going, and we do think he will do great for the most part, but once the twins are home, he will never be an only child again!

Speaking of our fun-loving child…take a look at one of the ways he spends his time when he comes to work with me in the afternoons…

Helping mommy set-up for Sunday and getting his groove on!

Sometimes I forget that our sweet boy was a preemie born at 2lbs….because look at him now!


Ashley said...

Go Harry Go!!! He BROKE IT DOWN the whole 45 seconds. :)

G Daddy said...

I like the King Tutt Strut thing he had going on!

Rachel said...

I just wanted to say "hi" - I follow along on the Holt boards and have been so excited to follow your journey! We just brought home our second son from Korea a couple of weeks ago. I am just so thrilled for your family. Your little boy is so precious and the twins are just two little miracles! Congratulations and I can't wait to see them home with you.

Courtney Smith said...

I cannot believe how much they have changed, especially since their first pictures under the photolisting! I am so happy they found you and you them. I have been watching them for so long and often wondered if we could handle two more kids. We knew we couldn't and I so glad you felt it in your heart that you could. Hopefully, everthing works out with our EPs and we can get our kids home soon! Courtney

Ashley said...

Yall are adorable! And the twins are SO CUTE!!!!!! Loved talking with you tonight!

Tara said...

oh my gosh they are cute! all three of them! i got our little Change the World shirts ... the same one that Harrison has on ... and my kiddos are wearing them today! i need to get a picture. they are SO soft too! love 'em!

Jennifer said...

Love the latest pictures of the twins! My husband and I are in the process of sdopting from Ethiopia. Love your blog! Congratulations and I can't wait to see pics of them home with you!

Future Mama said...

LOVE all these updates! Especially the picture of him up on your husband's feet...I see my future in that shot!

Much love,
Future Mama

Future Mama said...

Whoops, meant to put that comment on the post above ;-)

The Raudenbush Family said...

The twins are absolutely adorable -- as is your oldest!