Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father’s Day with G-Daddy ;)

We had our VBS finale during our morning service. It was the last bit of VBS left. It went very well! Afterwards, we headed to Brandon’s parents to spend time with them for Father’s Day. We had plans to go to the lake, but the weather was not dependable enough. We hung around

fathersdayweekend 002

their house

fathersdayweekend 003

and then headed to a place we like to eat dinner that is off the lake.

fathersdayweekend 001  fathersdayweekend 005

We got in some good daddy lovin’ too Winking smile

fathersdayweekend 006

fathersdayweekend 015  fathersdayweekend 010

fathersdayweekend 016

Harrison’s cousins were at their dads so he got a lot of individual attention. It wasn’t terribly obvious that he enjoyed it.

fathersdayweekend 018

There was a wait to be seated at the restaurant. This was Harrison’s kind of place to have to wait. We got to follow the ducks around…

fathersdayweekend 021

Throw pebbles in the water from the dock…

fathersdayweekend 030

Play red light green light…or more familiar to Harrison as “1,2,3 GO…STOP!”

fathersdayweekend 040

Once dinner was over we said our goodbyes and headed home.

fathersdayweekend 042

As Grammy and G-Daddy pulled away Harrison pointed at their car and said “Grammy, where go?” It was a great day filled with quality time with family. Ordinary to some, but special to us!

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