Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father’s Day Breakfast!

Saturday morning, we got together with my side of the family! We planned a breakfast to celebrate my dad!

Our lovely hosts…my sis and her husband!

fathersdayweekend 050

Our precious niece Ada bug…She and Sophie should make fast friends being 2 months apart! I see lots of dress-up, tea parties, and dolls in their future together!

fathersdayweekend 048

Dad and Brandon fixing their plates together…

fathersdayweekend 049

everybody chowing down…

fathersdayweekend 052

A new toy everyone wanted a piece of…

fathersdayweekend 055

Harrison was not being too sweet when I was trying to get a picture of he and Ada together…

fathersdayweekend 058

fathersdayweekend 061  

Myself and my wonderful Dad! This was my tribute to him on Facebook…

To my Daddy on Father's Day: You set the bar high, being the kind of father every daughter dreams of, from painting OUR fingernails AND YOURS, to giving us airplane spins, getting us a card and candy for every Holiday (like even the little ones, St.Patricks Day) to taking us everywhere and giving us most everything we needed and most times wanted...and you have always been there for us as we've gotten older loving us well, listening to us, and now loving our kids so well! Not to mention all the times you pretended like we were out of gas in the middle of the road, wore clothes with holes in them (on purpose) to drop us off places, and ran through the mall kicking our bottoms form behind and running down the aisle kicking your bum as you ran as fast as you could while we stood back embarrassed! You are the wonderful mix of a fun-loving father! I love you Dad!

We hung out on the front porch for a bit trying to stay out of the rain! I eventually had to make a run for the car so we could head out to the day’s next destination!

fathersdayweekend 063

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Ashley said...

LOVED the post you made about dad on Facebook!!! So, So true!!! It's hard not to miss those days!