Sunday, June 19, 2011

Farm Living…

Our friends have a family farm. We are blessed to be able to go out there with them a few times a year. Friday night was one of those nights! If you can think of an appropriate thing to do on the farm…well, Friday night we did it! We had such a GREAT time! The boys were in heaven and Harrison loves the 3 big boys so much and feeds off of their energy…needless to say, he was THRILLED to be there and take part in the festivities!

fathersdayweekend 001

We swam!

fathersdayweekend 002

and compared tans Smile

fathersdayweekend 003

and ate some appetizers!

fathersdayweekend 004   fathersdayweekend 005

grilled and loved on our favorite big boy!

fathersdayweekend 006

played with sticks like all good boys do!

fathersdayweekend 007       fathersdayweekend 010

had a GREAT dinner and built a fire for later!

fathersdayweekend 014

had a great time with  mother nature…

fathersdayweekend 015   fathersdayweekend 011

Found a favorite frog and made his life so “happy!”

fathersdayweekend 018


fathersdayweekend 020

fathersdayweekend 023

I’m not sure Harrison enjoyed his enough!

fathersdayweekend 024     fathersdayweekend 021

AND homemade ice cream! Can I get  a yum  yum??

fathersdayweekend 031

fathersdayweekend 029       fathersdayweekend 037

enjoyed some good ole’ lap time too!

A great time was had by all!!

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