Monday, May 9, 2011

Take a Guess!!

This is literally what came out my mouth when Harrison was very active in a shoe store about 6 months ago and I was wrangling him, my new shoes, keys, and wallet up to the counter after chasing him from the back of the store to the front Smile and the ladies first inclination was to ask me how old he was. I was a little flustered and in that moment I lost control of my words …whoopsy! Thankfully, she laughed it off with me! So, I am going to post some pictures that will give you all a good idea of how old our little guy is! He has definitely been acting more his age lately…

mothersday 016

mothersday 017

He spends about 60% of his time standing at the refrigerator and pantry begging for food…specifically, “cooookies!” The funny part is, he’ll eat every time.

2 002

He is visiting time out more frequently! Sad smile 

2 003

He gets himself into situations like above. He ran ahead of me into the bathroom and jumped right in. The worst news…he had a dirty diaper too! ewwww!

As much as these things are frustrating (but also, sometimes equal parts funny) there are so many fun things that balance it all out…

2 011

Playing dress up Smile

harrison 061

Acting all grown up Smile 

harrison 066

Getting a kick out of goofing off with mommy and daddy!

harrison 087

Playing hard to get!

harrison 040

He can give a mean hug, when he’s up for it!

mothersday 007

He also loves all of daddy’s fun tricks! This particular afternoon, daddy hooked the jeep and 4-wheeler (both hand me downs…we’re blessed) together with a chain and then pulled them with a leash! It was hilarious and the boys LOVED it!

I know that having two new siblings might take some adjustment for Harrison in some regards, but we KNOW for a fact that he will be thrilled to have full-time playmates! He is at his best and happiest when he is able to share his time with other kids! He is going to be a GREAT big brother!Smile


E said...

Isn't parenting one of the most rewarding, yet hardest jobs ever?!?!?!
So excited for y'all and praying for Harrison's adjustment and the twins, and mommy and daddy's for that matter!

BlessedMommyx3 said...

haha I would say 2 because those pictures could have just as easily been my little man =)

Tonya said...

Hee Hee. I can laugh because I can relate. Janie is one very WILD girl right now too....but I fear that Lexie is even more so! Paired together--all I can say is "watch out"

Harrison will go thru some adjustment-Janie did. But each day will get easier for you and for him. Once a "routine" (ha ha) is somewhat established he will be fine. I say ha-ha b/c most of my "plans" never work out and we end up just going with whatever works in the moment.

Take care and give Harrison a squeeze from us!

Ashley said...

Sweet boy. Literally LOL'd at moms pics of the boys outside in the pool yesterday! :)

Jessica said...

He's Cute! What is your timeline for going and getting your babies?

Blomgrens said...

I recently found your blog through another adoption blog and it's so fun seeing your sweet family in action! We are also adopting from Korea and waiting for that travel call!