Thursday, May 19, 2011

Planting Seeds

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.Galatians 6:9

I believe that I am called to invest in one of the things that will make the biggest impacts on our children’s future.

In my opinion, these are the biggest impacts on their future…their peers.

march 812

In January, I started serving at a new inner city ministry our church started last year. Originally, I was supposed to be there every other week. That quickly turned into weekly. Winking smile I lead around 18-23 3yr olds-kindergartners in a room about the size you see above.


As it has warmed up, we have moved our classroom to a local magnet schools playground (thanks to the principal telling me he would love for us to use it anytime)! It is very helpful to have the huge picnic tables for our kiddos to eat and do Bible story at. I also can use the playground as an incentive for good behavior!


Brandon and Harrison now come and help out too! One  thing I’ve noticed in kids that I lead anywhere is that the ones who grow into being the most joyful about serving others are the ones who serve ALONGSIDE their parents. If parents don’t serve or choose to try and “protect their children” by leaving them at home or letting them do as they please while they serve, those kids don’t  grow much in the area of selflessness and being mindful of the needs of others.


Now, I’m not saying everyone should take their 2 year old to serve at an inner ministry with them. I am just saying that you can start somewhere. Harrison is completely safe and most times blends right in as these kids sometimes act HIS age Smile and if Brandon wasn’t there to help out, Harrison  most likely would not be there. For now, we are enjoying serving these kids as a family! I ‘ve had many people give me a huge list of all the reasons they “could never” bring even their older kids to serve with them at this location. I think that if they tried it out, they’d be pleasantly surprised.


These kids love Harrison too! They are often confused and ask what his daddy looks like Smile then I point to Brandon or I explain if Brandon is not around.


Then you have my church kids…the ones I am employed to serve full time! Smile 

survivor 002

They are certainly a different bunch culturally, but they are going to have a big impact on our younger kids lives as well. They will be their leaders eventually. So, as I poor my heart and soul into ministering to them, I am thankful that I get a chance to plant seeds that may one day reap a harvest that my children will be blessed from!

My prayer that my service to these kids will serve 2 purposes, to reach their little hearts and minds for Christ, and just maybe to make a difference in the the life of those our kids will “do life with” in the future!

How do you serve together as a family?


Ashley said...

Love this post!!! and most of all, Love YOU!!! :)

4taiwan said...

AWESOME!!!! nothing better than family serving together.....train up a child...and that is exactly what you are doing....