Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Out with Old in with the New

My cousin has some pretty awesome graphic design skills! :) She worked with me to change our African themed blog to a new more suitable blog design (since we’re now adopting TWINS from SOUTH KOREA)! I really LOVE it! It's clean yet beautiful! So many of you have already commented on it, thank you for loving it too! The kissing birds at the top represent Brandon and I...then the 3 baby birds are our little ones! She is running a special on  blog designs right now...

Starting today Purrfect Blog Designs are $25 off! Check out her design blog HERE!


ALSO, For the first 10 people that e-mail Patrice, she will take an additional $10 off! So you could give your blog a total makeover for $65 or $40…that’s a great deal!!

That’s not all. During this sale, if 10 or more people sign up for a blog makeover she will draw for a free blog design!! You might be the lucky winner and not have to pay at all except for the digital kit.

This sale begins today and will run through Saturday.

Email Patrice at jpdbj(at)dtccom(dot)net


Tara said...

i love the new look! cute. i also love the names that you've picked out for your twins! so sweet!

The "W" Family said...

Hi April,

I hopped on over to your blog from the FBI and was so encouraged by reading your story and how God has revealed His plans to your family!
Thanks for bringing glory to Him by sharing your story!