Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My co-workers are better than yours :)

This should give you guys a pretty good my expense for sure...

When our church is promoting VBS each year, we try to get the church staff (pastor and all) together to shoot a promo video. This year it all came together so easily and the results were all kinds of fun!

The theme for VBS this year is a New York theme:

The idea was we'd be on a bus in NY, all of us playing a different kind of person and then...well, take a look for yourself...Im the dorky tourist girl :) Our pastor is the driver and the music minister is the hilarious one that comes in after me! Our youth pastor is the athlete, our Inner City ministry guy is the one that gets all kinds of jiggy! Our secretaries are more dressed up with the exception of the one who is the passed out person!

I wonder if this is as funny to everyone or if we think it is so funny because we know everybody so well!! Several of our staff stepped out of their comfort zone to do this, I so appreciate them all! I work with some awesome peeps!

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