Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

We woke up Memorial Day morning and enjoyed some prep for a neighborhood yard sale we’re participating in this weekend.

memorialdayweekend 001

I had the most adorable little assistant!

memorialdayweekend 002

Around lunchtime, we headed out to my sister’s in-laws to swim and enjoy lunch with the family!

memorialdayweekend 019    memorialdayweekend 009

Harrison had a great time showing everyone how he likes to act like a floppy fish in water (not swimming but still loving it)

memorialdayweekend 010

We enjoyed day 3 of family togetherness!!

memorialdayweekend 013

I got to pose with the sisters!

memorialdayweekend 022

It was a great afternoon! We came back home and the boys napped while I did more sorting for the sale! My goal is to make enough money to purchase the twins bedroom set-up that I’ve formed a wish list to get from IKEA. If there is some $$ left over, new luggage! I told Brandon we’re selling our baby luggage (a.k.a. mismatched tiny W@lmart half a suitcase sized rolling duffle bag sized luggage) and getting grown up matching luggage. Considering we’ve been to Hawaii, Taiwan, and now South Korea in a 3yr span, I think it’s safe to say we are grownup travelers going on grownup trips and we need grownup bags to support this grownup habit Smile

I hope you all had a super fab Memorial Day too! By the looks of many of your blogs, you did!!

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JaM said...

Haha! Looks like your little man had a great time!