Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Great Start to the Long Weekend

Early this week Pam and I talked about exchanging babysitting for date nights this weekend. She didn’t think her hubster could pull it off because of work, but offered to still watch Harrison for us. This afternoon, Eric got the green light and last minute the exchange was on! While they went out, we…Went on a little adventure across the street…

memorialdayweekend 258

memorialdayweekend 270

Harrison didn’t have any wheels but that didn’t stop him!

memorialdayweekend 265

If it were not for the mosquitos (despite spray and a bug bracelet thingy) it would have been a perfect adventure! It was still too much fun! They were thrilled to explore! Their excitement made me enjoy it just as much!

memorialdayweekend 279memorialdayweekend 291

Harrison learned a thing or two from the boys and found a stick to swing around! It wasn’t long before we “lost” the stick Smile oh and yes the cicadas! Just click on THIS link to see what we’re going through here in Tennessee when it comes to cicadas. You just can’t understand until you’ve experienced them!

memorialdayweekend 293memorialdayweekend 290

Coincidentally, Harrison and Leighton love them. Like, Leighton carries LIVE ones around in his pocket! Take this video we shot last week for instance…

If you listen you can faintly here the sound of the cicadas in the background of the video…that is only a small fraction of what we’re surrounded by! Next stop dinner…after we printed out free kids meals coupons!

memorialdayweekend 308

Those bottles are root beer by the way Smile

memorialdayweekend 310

then, it was onto using leftover coins we scraped up at both houses for a visit to the Big Cheese!

memorialdayweekend 316

memorialdayweekend 319memorialdayweekend 321

and last but not least, we had 2 free punch cards for our favorite Sweet CeCe’s yogurt…and for the overage, we had gift cards! It was a pretty fun night done on the cheap!

memorialdayweekend 327

We have something fun planned for each day of this Holiday weekend! Keep ya posted! What are you up to this weekend!?

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Liz said...

So do y'all only see the cicadas every 13 years like the link said? We get overwhelmed by them EVERY summer. Usually June & July we see TONS of them & we have their nice little shells all over our house, trees, cars, sheds, etc, etc, etc. I've always read that they live underground for many years (like the article said), but we get a round of them every year. Come down to TX next month!! :)