Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Farm & Falls Creeks

I mentioned in my last post that we have something fun planned for each day this weekend. It twas true! Yesterday we got up and hung around the house for a few hours.

We are big into Nutella on toast these days! All three of us had some for breakfast, but I’ll let you guess who enjoyed it most!

memorialdayweekend 001

memorialdayweekend 002     memorialdayweekend 003

Brandon worked on our last adoption grant application while Harrison caught up on his reading.

memorialdayweekend 005

I packed a picnic lunch and Harrison did his part to help! (that would be keeping himself entertained)

memorialdayweekend 007

We went out to our friends family farm to eat….

memorialdayweekend 013


memorialdayweekend 016


memorialdayweekend 019   memorialdayweekend 018

and explore…

memorialdayweekend 022

These pool boys were some kind of serious and all kinds of hilarious at the same time! We couldn’t keep Leighton’s clothes on him yesterday for anything!

memorialdayweekend 024

Then, Brandon and I took our date night turn last night!

We just had dinner and then we went to Wal-Mart to use a gift card that we had to buy some plastic Adirondack chairs for our back porch! Until now, our dogs have ruled the backyard. Mya is getting her share cut down to 1/4 of the yard and we are prepping the other 3/4 for kid and family use! Hopefully we’ll get that all set up soon!

memorialdayweekend 026

Today we went to church and afterwards, Pam and I braved, what Leighton affectionately dubbed as, Falls Creeks with the boys. Both husbands had other plans, but we weren’t letting that stop us from an adventure!

memorialdayweekend 039

Despite the heat, we had a great adventure! I did not get a picture of the falls…silly me!

memorialdayweekend 028     memorialdayweekend 034

I had a little Stevie on my back Smile

memorialdayweekend 032

Pam’s load was much bigger!

memorialdayweekend 033

Harrison loves Anderson!

memorialdayweekend 036

We were planning on letting the boys play in the water at the end of our hike, but we got back to the “water area” and were informed that a man had fallen off a ledge down some of the rocks that lead up to the falls (not the main falls but still a big drop) and was life flighted. They said they were advising people to stay out of the water due to the amount of blood. How horrible! It took some explaining, but we got the boys in the car and headed home. I will go to bed praying for that man tonight. Tomorrow, we’ll be hanging with my family for an early lunch cookout! Then we’ll head back home and enjoy each other and getting a few things done around the house!

*Harrison has 2 minor urology issues that he will have surgically resolved on Tuesday. Please keep him(and us) in your prayers if you think about it!

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Sarah said...

Our Hannah's been having Nutella on bread (aka "chalk-it bread") with fruit and milk every morning for breakfast for about the last three months. This huge calorie count from the Nutella, along with two months worth of swim lessons... is really helping our lightweight put on some pounds that she has needed. Yay for Nutella!