Friday, July 2, 2010

Budget BootCamp Challenge 1 - 4th of July Weekend Menu

I did not plan for a whole week just yet, but I did take the time to plan for our weekend which I am totally confident could have been a budget buster. We have a FULL weekend with a lot of family in. We will be responsible for bringing something at pretty much each meal!

Normally, I would make a list out in my mind of what I WANT to make and drive straight to the grocery and spend $100 on a weekend like this. Yesterday, I chose to GO THROUGH MY PANTRY and see what I COULD make that was still good that I had the majority of ingredients for! Here is the menu that I landed on! I am known for the dips that I make in the family. So, I am making 3 dips this weekend and then a few additional things here and there!

Today, I made Black Bean Salsa Dip:
- cans black beans (rinsed and drained)
- cans shoe peg corn (drained)
- cans Mexican flavored Rotel (drained)
- bunch cilantro chopped (I normally use about 3/4 of it, but you use judgement on how much of that you'd like)

Mix all together and add Italian Dressing until dip is tossed in it, but not covered in it! (best I can describe it) It is best the longer it is refrigerated!

I had corn and italian dressing that I bought on sale in the past several weeks so I knew I had a good start! All I needed was black beans, rotel, and cilantro. That was a cost of around $4 nd I made enough for our visiting family to snack on for 2-3 days!

I also had all of the ingredients to make THESE Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies!

Friday Night, we're having tacos. For this meal, I am bringing only what we had some of: 2 tomatoes, sour cream (free w/ coupon this week), Spanish Rice (paid .20 per bag w/coupons last and a bunch of free taco seasoning, because you can always get free taco seasoning with coupons!!

Saturday morning, we are having a big family breakfast before going to "hike" some waterfalls. I was really WANTING to make a breakfast casserole, but that would have required me to buy the ingredients. Actually, I am still trying to talk myself out of that one. Instead, I am going to stay strong and make the lemon poppy seed muffins from the mix that I have in the pantry!

Saturday night we are having a cookout. I am bringing Buffalo Chicken Dip. The recipe is HERE! I had everything but the cream cheese (which I'll get with coupons for .25 this week) and the shredded cheese!

Sunday afternoon, we'll be going to a 4th of July cookout! I will be making the two recipes, Rolo Brownies & Spinach dip, I posted about my award winning recipes HERE! To complete the ingredients for these recipes I'll need Rol0s, cream cheese (.25), Parmesan cheese, and artichokes!

I'd say that's much better than just taking a run to the grocery store. Normally, I wouldn't even check the pantry well enough to know what I need so I'd buy things that I already had anyway! Ok, so I am calling Day 1 a success! When I have time to stop and take a breath from enjoying my family for the short time they're here and from all the cooking, most likely Monday, I'll plan for the rest of next week and share that too!


michelle said...

You are so awesome! I'm trying to plan for 2 family events during this weekend and followed your idea of using what's in my pantry. I did have to get some marshmallows at the market, but they were on sale! I'm going to try the oatmeal chocolate chip recipe, sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing the great tips.

Ellen said...

Awesome! You have inspired me!